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New Medical Technology Can Help Your Disc Pain!


Our state of the art facility offers you cutting edge technology for your special needs. We create custom programs to help eliminate your problem once and for all. We Can't Guarantee results, but we guarantee the highest quality of service for you and your family.

Intoducing The DRX 9000

The DRX9000 was designed by a specialized team of engineers at Axiom Worldwide to meet the needs of today's patient, offering physicians the clinical outcome they desire and patients the quality of life they deserve. With Axiom's focus on innovation, they are committed to utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of life for those suffering from herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and other back ailments.

With a majority of the population experiencing back pain at least once in their lifetime, lower back pain is the most common ailment facing healthcare providers today. In the past physicians were faced with limited resources for successful treatment. With the age of technology and the low success rate of surgery, patients have become more educated to alternative treatment for back pain relief This changing trend is evident by the billions of dollars spent each year on alternative healthcare. Throughout the development and manufacturing process Axoim has continued to make exhaustive efforts to ensure the quality of their hardware and software. Scientific proven techniques were at the core of the creation of the DRX9000.